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We make it easy

There are no surprises at the end.

A retirement plan with over 100 eligible participants at the beginning of the plan year is considered a “large” plan and requires a set of audited financial statements to be attached to the form 5500 filing. Eligible participants include actively participating employees, eligible but non-participating employees, and terminated employees that have account balances in the plan.

We guide you through the audit process so any issues that surface are resolved effectively and timely. There are no surprises at the end.

A few points of assistance that we can provide you with:

The Process – as simple as 1-2-3

Introductions and Planning

Welcome to the audit process! In this phase, we get to know you and your plan. We obtain the auditor package from your service provider(s) and work directly with them. We also meet with you to get an understanding of your plan operations and control environment. Your involvement takes 1-2 hours.


In the testing phase we initiate the established process and test the regulatory compliance attributes and account balances in accordance with the U.S. Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and DOL requirements. We can come onsite or perform the audit 100% remotely. Our state of the art technology and collaborative cloud platform creates a smooth and painless experience for our clients.

Your part in the process is simple, but important. We will communicate our findings and observations as we perform the work. This way, we avoid any back end surprises. In order to ensure a straightforward process and quick turnaround time, we appreciate the facilitation of open communication between Yulishana and your staff. Your involvement in this phase is 2-4 hours.

Audit Report and Recommendations

As we conclude the audit, you will receive the auditor’s report along with our recommendations for best practices around your plan operations and control environment. We are also happy to present at your plan committee meetings, and partner with you year round.